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Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal

Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal
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What are the top 5 best monsoon treks in Nepal?

1. Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek
Picture Credit: Claudio Sieber

2. Dolpa Circuit

Upper Dolpo Trek
Picture Credit: Jamie McGuinness

3. Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake Trek
Picutre by: Antonio (Poptun)

4. Humla Limi Valley Trek

Humla Limi Valley Trek
Picture Credit: Great Himalaya Trails

5. Nar Phu Valley Trek

Nar Phu Valley Trek
Picture Credit: Alpine Sherpa Guide

What is Monsoon trekking in Nepal like?

Trekking during Nepal monsoon season is not so highly recommended except some rain-shadow ares and less affected areas by rain. June, July and August are the months of monsoon season and trekking during this time will be quite difficult as there can be heavy downpours, risk of leeches, landslides, flood and avalanches. However, you can do trekking to the places that receive very less rainfall which are protected by the high mountains. Upper Mustang, Manang, Humla Simikot, Nar Phu Valley, Dolpa are the trekking places in Nepal possible for hiking. The availability of mountain lodges is high during this time as there will be less trekkers in the popular trekking trails and you may get off-season discounts.

Monsoon Trekking Tips

  • Start your trek early in the morning
  • Waterproof your backpack
  • Bring best waterproof gears
  • Walk Slowly

Monsoon Facts

  • The monsoon season falls on June to August, might extend to mid of September.
  • The average temperature is around 23 degree Celsius, its summer time. The temperature goes down as you ascend high.
  • The average rainfall is between 135 – 325 mm during the mid of Monsoon time – July.
  • Rains usually occur during the evening and night, so you can expect rainfall during day time depending on the altitude.

Transportation during Monsoon Season

Trekking in Nepal in Himalayas undergoes either via overland or Flight. Some of the trekking routes have been connected with the roads to cities which are black-topped. But most of the mountain roads are graveled and might be blocked due to flood and landslides.

During the heavy rain, there will be chances of landslides and flood. So, you must go to rain-shadow areas for trekking in Nepal during monsoon time.

For the updated information about transportation means, please keep in touch with Treks Booking. We will let you with the latest updates of roads and flights.

Trekking in Nepal in June

Paddy Fields during Monsoon in Nepal
Monsoon Picture by Claudio Sieber

June is the month of monsoon and a special month of Nepal. Nepalese people become busy on their fields to sow the paddy as National Paddy Day falls on this month and it is on 29th of May (Asar 15 – National Rice Plantation Day). The agricultural activity depends upon the rain water and the Nepalese people work hard on their fields whole day.

Due to the heavy rainfall, there will be chances of flood, landslide and soil erosion on the trekking routes. So, trekking to high altitude Himalayan region is not recommended. If you are interested on trekking, you can do on rain shadow areas Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo.

Apart from trekking, you can join agricultural volunteer programs, rice plantation, playing with mud and enjoy the local festival.

You can also join Yoga and meditation programs as the environment will be greenery and clear after the rain stops.

Trekking in Nepal in July

Annapurna Circuit Trek During Monsoon Season
Annapurna Circuit Monsoon Picture by Claudio Sieber

July is the peak monsoon season in Nepal with the heavy rain fall (Some day) all the day or it may extend to 2-3 days long also. Generally, during the monsoon time, the trekking agencies of Nepal do not recommend for trekking. There may be the risk of landslide on the trekking trail and leeches. But during the rainy season, there are rain shadow areas in Nepal which have less effect of monsoon. Annapurna Circuit Trek, Humla Simikot, Upper Mustang Trek and Upper Dolpo trek are the best season for trekking in Nepal because these trails are located at rain shadow areas. Monsoon is the off-season time in Nepal with the less demand of trekking to Himalayas.

Trekking in Nepal in August

Lukla Airport During Monsoon
Lukla Airport During Monsoon: Picture by Claudio Sieber

Planning for Nepal Trip? or Going Trekking to Nepal Himalayas? Visit Nepal in August. August is the monsoon month in Nepal and still there is rainfall during the day. Although trekking is not possible during the monsoon season, you may go for jungle safari, cultural sightseeing, yoga and meditation and trekking to rain shadow areas. There are some colorful festivals during the August which you should not miss while you are in Nepal. This year Janai Purnima, Nag panchami, Gai Jatra and Krishna Janmasthami falls in August 2018.

What are the Pros and Cons of Monsoon Trekking?

Trekking in Monsoon months like June, July and August is not highly recommended due to heavy rainfall, slippery trails, and leeches, cancellation of flights, bad weather and road blockade.

But apart these advantages, there are many things that you need not to miss.

There are few trekking trails that lie in rain-shadow areas, means receives no or very less rainfall during monsoon season. These trails are less touristic, culturally and naturally rich and very less trekkers on the trail. These trails lie on the Great Himalaya Trail of Nepal.

You can also do yoga and trekking during monsoon. During monsoon, everywhere is green and a good environment to have peace mind.

The popular Nepali festival lies during monsoon in Nepal. You can also enjoy the greatest National Paddy Plantation event on the trails. Take part on a trip Farm volunteering in Nepal.

Monsoon would be best for researchers and photographers if weather is good.

Why Trek during the Monsoon Season?

Nowadays, many people plan to go trekking during monsoon season in Nepal. Most of trekkers they look for the best trekking months. But the adventure enthusiasts love monsoon trekking. There are some reasons why you should go Nepal during the monsoons.

Beautiful Sunrises:

Usually, it rains during the night and sometimes during the day. But, the morning time, you will have amazing sunrises from the Himalayas, clearing up the skies. The sun rays through the clouds will be the most spectacular moment to capture in your camera.

Fewer tourists

As monsoon is off-season for tourism of Nepal, there will be fewer tourists on the trekking trails. Monsoon trekking would be the best experience for you if you are dying for some isolation.

7 Tips for Monsoon Trekking

  • Start your trek early in the morning
  • Waterproof your backpack
  • Bring best waterproof gears
  • Walk Slowly

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