Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer and Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is the wonderland in the world consisting of world’s eight highest mountain peaks, beautiful landscapes, amazing culture and pristine Himalayas. So, it has been a popular destination for trekking for the adventure lovers around the world. Every year, thousands of tourist visit the Nepal Himalayas enjoying adventure walking.

Along with the trekking, many trekkers do volunteer in the remote villages, dedicate their time for locals and help to develop the infrastructure in the villages. Volunteering are of different methods, you can volunteer in school, hospital, agricultural fields and help directly. You can either volunteer before the trek or after the trek. Volunteering gives you full satisfaction and an unique experience.

Treks Booking operates charity treks to help the remote village children for the education, health and sanitation. Spend some days with innocent children and be friend with them, you will have an incredible experience.

Volunteering Opportunities in Nepal

  • Teaching English in a School
  • Farming in a Village (Eco-Tourism, Agro-Tourism)
  • Skill Orientation Training (Community)
  • Health Post Volunteer

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