Dashain Festival – The Festival of Victory Over Evil

Dashain Swing

What is Dashain?

Dashain also called as Bijaya Dashami or Bada Dasai, is a great festival of Nepal. Dashain festival is a Nepalese biggest festival celebrated for 15 days. It is observed by the Hindus of Nepal and Nepali people of India Sikkim, Assam, Darjeling, Bhutan, Burmese of Myanmar.

Dashain is the longest and the most auspicious festival of Nepalese celebrated throughout the world by Nepali people. It falls during the Autumn season (September-October) after the monsoon rain stops and before the rice harvest. During the festival celebration, Nepal Government gives 10 days holidays. All the Government offices, Educational Institutions, NGO’s, INGO’s, Embassy and other private offices remain closed during the festival.

Dashain falls a half month before another biggest festival of Hindu, Tihar Festival – The Festival of Lights and Colors.

Other forms of Dashain

  • Durga Puja in Nepal and India
  • Bada Dasai in Nepal
  • Bijaya Dasami in Nepal
  • Dashera in India


Starting from the Bright Lunar Fortnight in the month of Ashwin and ending on the Full Moon day, the festival is celebrated with the happiness, meeting together and great joy. Among the 15 days of celebration, the First Day (Ghatasthapana), Seventh Day (Phulpati), Eighth Day (Maha Aastami), Nineth Day (Maha Nawami) and the Tenth Day (Dashami / Tika) and fifteenth day Purnima has its own significances.

Goddess Durga and God Ram are worshiped as they have important roles during the festival described in Hindu Religious Books. There is a special way of celebration of the festival. On the main day, the yonger members of the family receive tika, jamara and blessings from the elders.

All the Nepalese Hindu people celebrate the festival with a great joy. The Houses, front terrace and roads are cleaned and decorated. During the festival, people wear new cloths and eat delicious food (specially meat). The people play swings, cards and other games for the entertainment.

When is Dashain in 2023/2080?

Day 01 Ghatasthapana (Jamara Rakhne Din)/Jamara Emplantation Day/Jamare Aunshi
Ghatasthapana is on Asoj 28th of 2080 according to Nepali calendar and 15th October 2023 according to Georgian calendar.

Day 07 Saptami or Fulpati
Saptami or Fulpati is on Kartik 4th of 2080 according to Nepali calendar and 21st October  2023 according to Georgian calendar.

Day 08 Asthami (Mar Hanne Din/Sacrifice Day)
Asthami is on Kartik 5th of 2080 according to Nepali calendar and 22nd October  2023 according to Georgian calendar.

Day 09 Nawami (Second Day Of Sacrifice)
Maha Nawami is on Kartik 6th of 2080 according to Nepali calendar and 23rd October  2023 according to Georgian calendar.

Day 10 Dashami or Bijaya Dashami/Tika Day
Bijaya Dashami or Dashain is on Kartik 7th of 2080 according to Nepali calendar and 24th October  2023 according to Georgian calendar.

Day 15 Purnima (Full Moon Day)
Kojagrat Purnima is on kartik 11th of 2080 according to Nepali calendar and 28th October  2023 according to Georgian calendar.

Public Holidays

The public holidays of Dashain will be on fulpati, Maha-asthami, Maha Navami, Bijaya Dashami and Ekadashi. During these days, Nepal Government offices and Banks remain closed. Offices will be open from Kartik 12th.

Dashain Mantra/Blessing

This mantra is enchanted while putting tika to female member of family.

Om Jayanti Mangala Kaali Bhadra Kali Kapalini
Durga Kshyama shiva dhatri swaha swadha namostu te

ॐ जयन्ती मङ्गला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी ।
दुर्गा क्ष्यमा शिवा धात्री स्वहा स्वधा नमोस्तु ते ।।

This mantra is enchanted while putting tika to male member of family.

Ayur Drona sute sriyem Dasarathe, Satruk ksheyam Raghave,
Yaishoryem Nahushe, Gatischa pawane, Manancha Duryodhane,
Suaryam Shanta nave, Balam Haldhare, Satyaschha Kuntisute,
Bigyanam Bidure, Bhawanu Bhabatam, Kirtischha Narayane!

आयुर द्रोण सुते श्रेयम दशरथे , सत्रुक क्षेयम रघवे,
ऐश्र्वर्यम नहुशे , गतिस्च पवने, मानन्च दुर्योधने,
सौर्यम शान्त नवे, बलम हलधरे , सत्यस्च कुन्तीसुते ,
बिज्ञ।न बिदुरे, भवन्तु भबताम, किर्तिस्च नारायणे!

How it is observed?

‘Ghatasthapana’ is the first day of Dashain. On this day people bring sand from the holy river and put in the corner of the room. The maize, barley and seedlings are sown. The young plant is known as ‘Jamara’. People use this on the tenth day. Since that day goddess Bhagawati is worshipped for nine days. This is known as ‘Navaratri’. The seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth days are most important days. The seventh day is known as ‘Fulpati’. On this day, flowers are taken from Gorkha Palace to Kathamandu Hanuman Dhoka is relays in one day. The eighth and ninth days are known as Maha Asthami and Maha Nawami respectively. On these day goats and buffaloed are sacrificed in every homes and temples . It is done to please goddess Bhagawati. It is Dashain: Tikasaid that goddess Bhagawati was able to kill ‘Mahishashur’ on the ninth day. The tenth day is the most important day of all. It is said that godDashain: Swing Ram Chandra was able to kill the demon king Raven on the day. So this day is known as Vijaya Dashami (the day of victory). On this day, the juniors go to their superiors. The superiors give blessings of long life and properity to the juniors by marking Tika (rice mixed with red powder) on their forehead and Jamara on their heads. People forget all kinds of misunderstandings. So this festival is known as festival of unity. Those who are away,come to their home to celebrate this festival.

Dashain Tika and Jamara

Tika and Jamara

Dashain Kites

Dashain Kite

Dashain Swing

Dashain Swing

Nepali Movies and Festival

There are five days as the public holidays during Dashain festival this year. Starting from seventh day of dashain Fulpati to 12th day, there will be public holidays. So, how you are thinking to celebrate this Dashain festival. You can get to cinema hall for movie watch. During the festival Prem Geet 3 has been releasing in Nepali and Hindi version in Nepal and all over India.

Top 10 Popular Dashain Songs

01. Muglan Dashain Movie Song

02. Dashain Malshree Dhun

03. Sugam Pokhrel Dashain Song

04. Cool Pokhrel and Badal Prasain (Jhilkey)

05. Yogeshwor Amatya Dashain Song

06. Narayan Rayamajhi Dashain Song

07. Prakash Saput Dashain Song

08. APF Dashain Song Faujilai Kun Ho Dashain Kun Ho Chad Tihar

09. Sunil Giri – Dashain Aayo | दशैँ आयो | 2075

10. Dashain Tihar | New Nepali Superhit Movie Pardeshi Song Ft Prashant Tamang, Rajani Kc

Nepal Tourism and Dashain Festival

As Dashain falls in September/October, it is the great opportunity for the foreign tourist as they get chance to enjoy the biggest festival of Nepal during their holidays.

Animal Sacrifice and Festival Celebration

Animal sacrifices are often the norms during this time, as the festival commemorates the mythical bloody battles between the “divine” and “demonic” powers. The proponents of animal sacrifice interpret that this sacrificial act as the symbolic sacrifice of our animal qualities, but those who are compassionate to the sacrificed victims think otherwise stressing that the sacrificial act is nothing but an excuse to fulfill the appetite for food/meat.

In most of the festivals in Nepal, animals are sacrificed and the animal right is seized so nowadays people are raising their strong voices against the scarification of Animals during the festivals in Nepal. Festivals can also be celebrated without killing animals like Goats, Pigs, Buffaloes and chicken.

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