Mata Tirtha Aunsi – Nepali Mother’s Day in Nepal

Mata Tirtha Aunsi

Mata tirtha aunsi widely known as Nepali mothers day is a great festival of Nepalese Hindu people.

This Nepali version of Mothers day is different from the western world in a way of celebration.

Mata tirtha aunsi (मातातीर्थ औंसी) also known as Aamako mukh herne din (आमाको मुख हेर्ने दिन) is auspicious Nepali festival for paying homage to the mothers for their love, sacrifice and life support.

Aamako Mukh Herne Din has became a tradition to all Nepalese who do have or do not have their mothers.

Mata Tirtha Aunsi in Nepali

The festival mothers day falls on Baisakh Krishna Aunsi of the Nepali calendar (Bikram Sambat) in April.

The festival falls on 26th Baisakh 2081.

Nepali Mothers day in 2024

Mothers day in Nepal date is on 8th May, 2024.

Mata Tirtha Aunsi Celebration in Nepal

On this day, children express their gratitude to their mothers. They take a holy bath, pray their mother and offer the gifts and sweets.

Those whose mothers have deceased, go to Matatirtha for celebration. They take a holy bath and do Shradhha and Sida Daan (a holy mixture of rice grain and pure food materials along with clothes).

Mothers Day Mantra in Sanskrit

स्नात्वा करोतिम य्: श्राद्धं माघो: कृष्णकुहौ दिने ।
वियोग न भवेन्मातु: वार्धक्येऽपी सुनिश्चितंम ।।
तृप्ता भवति तन्माता स्नानमात्रेण चात्र वै ।
ऋण: प्रमुच्यते सद्धो मातृगर्भस्थितोभ्दवै ।।

Mothers Day Mantra Meaning

One who takes a holy bath in the Mata Tirtha pond on Baisakh Krishna Aunshi, does not need again to come in mother’s womb for next life. One shall get salvation from human life, and achieve moksha.

Frequently Asked Questions?

When is Aamako Mukh Herne Din in 2081?

This festival in 2081 is on 26th Baisakh in 2081.

When is Mothers day in 2024?

The mothers day in 2024 is on 8th May, 2024.

What is Mothers day Festival in Nepal?

The word Mata Tirtha Aunsi is derived from Sanskrit – ‘Mata’ meaning mother, ‘Tirtha’ a holy place and ‘Aunsi’ dark fortnight.

How Aamako Mukh Herne Din festival celebrated?

The children worship and pray to their mothers with the sweets, gifts and delicious foods.

Those who doesn’t have mothers go either to Mata Tirtha or Pashupatinath Temple and pray for eternal peace to the departed soul. They remember their mothers by doing Sraddha or sida daan to pandit.

Where is Mata Tirtha Temple?

Matatirtha Temple lies in west of Kathmandu valley at Chandragiri Municipality.

How Newar community celebrate Mothers day?

Newar community celebrate this festival as Mam ya Khwa Swayegu.

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