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Mata Tirtha Aunsi – A Festival to Respect Mother

Mata Tirtha Aunsi
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What is Mata Tirtha Festival?

Falling on the New Moon day in Baisakh (the first month of  Nepali New Year) according to the lunar calendar, Mata Tirtha Aunsi is the great festival to show a big respect to the Mother. During the festival, sons and daughter worship and pray to their mother with the sweets, gifts and delicious foods.

But the day will be worse for those who have already lost their mothers. They make ritual offerings in the name of their late mother praying for eternal peace to the departed soul in nearby holy rivers. They remember their mother by giving Sida Daan to pandit (Sida is holy mixture of rice grains and other pure food materials with clothes) or do Sraddha. The festival was on Baisakh 3 (16th April 2019).

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When is Nepali mother’s day 2077/2020?

Nepali mother’s day or aamako mukh herne din in 2020 is on 21 April.

Where is Mata Tirtha?

On the day, people go Mata Tirtha, a holy place on the west of Kathmandu, for praying to late mothers and there is a big religious fair. According to Hinduism, it is believed that mother are the symbol of love and sacrifice for their offspring. Mata Tirtha Aunsi is also named as Mother’s Day or Aamako Mukh Herne Din in Nepali. Newar community celebrate the festival named as Mam ya Khwa Swayegu.

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