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Trekking in Nepal in April

Trekking in Nepal in April

April is the busiest month of the spring – the second best season for trekking, tours, adventures and peak climbing in Nepal. The middle month of the spring season (March, April and May), this month is the peak trekking month of the season. Trekking after the chilling cold, winter season and before the monsoon kicks off, the season marks the blooming of the colorful flowers and trees. All the trekking can be accessible during April in Nepal.

Expect warmer weather 20+ degree in the mountain area but may fall around 5-7 during night. Occasionally, rain with the hailstones, thunderstorms and windy days can occur. Trekking accommodations in all parts of the trekking trail will be open during the month, somewhere the tea houses may be over-booked.

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