Trekking in Nepal in October

Trekking in Nepal in October

October is the middle of the best trekking season, Autumn Season and it is the best time of year for trekking in Nepal. During this month, the weather and climate is good to have clear mountain views and the sky is blue. It is the moderate weather with neither hot nor cold but you will feel cold during night in high passes.

If you are planning for any kinds of trekking (hard, Moderate and Easy), this is the best time. Most of the hotels, restaurants, tea-houses, vehicles and flights are booked. Out of the twelve months in a year, October is considered as the best month for trekking in Nepal Himalayas. During this month, Nepal receives maximum number of trekkers in comparison to other months so most of the popular trekking trails are crowded by trekking on the trekking path. As this is the best month for travel and tourism activities, you can do some other things along with trekking. For detail, visit our Top 4 Things To Do In Nepal (Other Than Trekking!).

Nepal Weather in October

Average temperature – 20 Degree Celsius
Maximum Temperature – 25 Degree Celsius
Minimum Temperature – 14 Degree Celsius
Sunshine Hours – 10 Hr
Rainfall – 67 mm
Sea Temperature – Zero Degrees Celsius

The temperature we mentioned above is average temperature produced by the help of statistics in past years but this may change due to the effect of global warming and other factors.

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