Nepal Travel Tips

1. Nepalese Tourist Visa Information.

Nepalese Visa can be easily obtained at Tribhuvan International Airport at Kathmandu. A multiple entry tourist visa for 30 days can be obtained by paying USD 40, while 90 days multiple entry tourist visa can be obtained by paying USD 100. For obtaining the visa, you have to bring 2 passport sized photos.

2. International Flights, Transit Airports, and Airlines To Nepal.

There is no direct flight from Europe to Kathmandu, so you have to come through transit airports. These airports are in countries like Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. The airlines that fly from these countries are Silk Air, Etihad, Qatar Airways, and Dragon Air.

There is also no direct flight from the USA to Kathmandu, so you have to come through a transit airport, which is in Hong Kong. And the airlines that come to this airport are Cathay Pacific and North West. From this airport, Nepal Airlines flies to Kathmandu.
However, there is a direct flight from Australia to Kathmandu by Silk Air and Dragon Air, and there is also a transit flight from Australia to Bangkok by Qantas, and there is Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Kathmandu.

3. Airport tax.

Airport tax is not levied on both domestic and international flights.

4. Custom Duty and Prohibited Items.

Custom duties vary according to the volume of goods as well as to the value of goods. Goods like tobacco and liquors are allowed but within the prescribed limit, however, goods like narcotic, arms, and ammunition are strictly prohibited. Apart from paying the custom duty, you also have to fill up the disembarkation and embarkation cards upon your arrival and departure at Tribhuwan International Airport.

5. Green Channel.

At Tribhuwan International Airport, you have an option to passing through the Green Channel if you do not possess dutiable goods; on the other hand, you have to pass through the Red Channel if you possess dutiable goods. The Green Channel is for a quick clearance, while the Red Channel is for a detailed custom checkup.

6. Arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu, the only international airport at present in Nepal.

Focusing on your basic travel needs, Remarkable Adventure Trek receives you at Tribhuwan International Airport, drives you in a private vehicle, and introduces you to its guide. This guide also provides you information about your trip as well as answers to your questions of accommodation, meal, route, and so on.

7. Accommodation in Kathmandu and Trek.

In Kathmandu, your accommodation is in a Three Star Hotel, where you will stay for two days, that is, the first night before the trek, and the last night after the trek. This accommodation includes a deluxe room with bed and breakfast; on the other hand, your accommodation will be in the best lodges and guesthouses but on a twin sharing basis in the trek. There are accommodations with private bathrooms and hot showers in the trekking region in places like Lukla, Phakding, and Namche. The accommodation that is above Namche will have basic facilities. There, you will have to share toilets and does not have the facility of a single room, but if you really need one, then Remarkable Adventure Trek will provide you at an additional cost.

8. Free Import.

The following items can be brought to Nepal without paying custom duties.
a) Cigarettes (200)
b) Cigars (50),
c) Distilled liquor (one 1.15 liter bottle)
d) Film (15 rolls)
e) Binoculars
f) Movie or video camera
g) Still camera
h) Laptop
i) Portable music system

9. Export of Goods from Nepal.

Items which are more than 100 years old are not to be exported from Nepal because they belong to the Government of Nepal. The Department of Archaeology at Ram shah Path near Singha Durbar in Kathmandu has to certify all metal statues and sacred paintings before they are exported from Nepal.
10. Currency and Foreign Exchange
At Tribhuwan International Airport, you will find foreign exchange counters, where you can exchange your foreign currency, but if you want, then you can also exchange your currency outside the airport, such as at bank or at an authorized foreign exchange center in Thamel. Newspaper daily publishes foreign exchange rates, and you can also find the update on the foreign exchange rate at
The units of the Nepalese Currency are Rupee and Paisa. 1 Rupee = 100 paisa. Nepalese Rupees come in Rs. 5, 10, 20, 50,100, 500, and 1000 notes

11. Travel Insurance.

Remarkable Adventure Trek kindly requests you to insure you against the unwanted affects of traveling. You should always leave the copy of your insurance while traveling.

12. High Altitude sickness For Trekkers.

While trekking, you can suffer from Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS). The major symptoms are Nausea, vomiting , loss of appetite, insomnia, persistent headache, dizziness, light headedness, confusion, disorientation, drunken gait, weakness, fatigue, lassitude, heavy legs, slight swelling of hands and face, difficulty in breathing, and reduction in urination.
Generally, these symptoms may appear at an altitude of 3000-meter plus. At this altitude, oxygen is thin, so Remarkable Adventure recommends you to go to a lower altitude for acclimatization. Another best way to deal with Altitude Mountain Sickness is also to drink a lot of water.
Remarkable Adventure Trek carries a First-Aid Box, which contains the medicines of Altitude Mountain Sickness. If you are suffering severely, then you should descend to a lower altitude. In case of emergency, you will be airlifted to Kathmandu.

13. Three Square Meals and Drinking Water During Trek.

Three Square Meals that you choose from the menu will be provided to you at the guesthouses during the trek. These meals include soup, noodles, rice, seasonal vegetables, some fresh fruits, soft drinks, bread, eggs, cereals, chocolates, and biscuits. When it comes to buying a mineral water, you can easily purchase it at a guesthouse, or if you want to save the money on water, then you can fill your bottle with boiled water at the guesthouse, where you have stayed and taken your meal.

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