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Best Time to Visit Nepal

Nepal Trekking Season

Trekking in Nepal is suitable in all seasons except monsoon months of July to mid September and winter months mid December to mid February. Nepal trekking season depends upon the trekking destination and weather during that time. Simply, March to May and September to November are the best time for trekking in Nepal. During these time, the wild flowers is in full bloom around the hillside, the sky is clear and good to view the mountains at close.

While making a plan to visit Nepal, you must know about the weather, best time of year and altitude. The weather and climate differs according to the altitude you are going to and there are different climatic conditions during the whole year. If you are worrying about the time of the year for trekking in Nepal, we will make your clear in a simply way. Trekking in Nepal best time of year are Spring and Autumn season.

Nepal Climate by Months

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Chitwan National Park 22°C 21mm 24°C 13mm 30°C 16mm 35°C 30mm 35°C 87mm 33°C 329mm 32°C 467mm 32°C 467mm 31°C 287mm 30°C 85mm 27°C 7mm 23°C 3mm
Kathmandu 17°C 16mm 19°C 20mm 24°C 34mm 27°C 56mm 28°C 118mm 28°C 257mm 27°C 390mm 27°C 349mm 26°C 220mm 25°C 68mm 22°C 8mm 18°C 12mm
Namche Bazaar 6°C 14mm 6°C 21mm 10°C 31mm 13°C 37mm 15°C 56mm 16°C 175mm 16°C 295mm 16°C 273mm 15°C 167mm 13°C 63mm 9°C 7mm 7°C 7mm
Pokhara 18°C 27mm 20°C 19mm 26°C 49mm 29°C 96mm 29°C 254mm 29°C 527mm 28°C 738mm 28°C 694mm 27°C 378mm 26°C 120mm 22°C 5mm 19°C 4mm

Data: Audley Travel

Note: °C denotes Temperature and mm denotes rainfall

Popular/Peak Nepal Trekking Season

Autumn Season

As compared to other trekking seasons, autumn season is the peak touristic season in Nepal and best for adventure holidays. The great mountain views, scenic beauties and the Nepalese biggest festivals Teej, Dashain and Tihar make this season more significant for trekking. Get our

Spring Season

Spring season from march to may is the good time for trekking in Nepal. Falling after the winter, the flowers starts to blossom and the hillside is colorful with the red rhododendron and green lush vegetation. The climate will be moderate in higher altitude, sometime it may be snowfall but not always and warm in lower elevations. Spring is the best time for peak climbing and mountain expeditions.

Off Nepal Trekking Season

Summer or Monsoon Season

Monsoon is a wet season in Nepal and tourism is off remarking less number of tourists visiting the Himalayas. There will be risk of leeches, flood and slippery trekking routes in most of the places but there are some trekking destinations which are best during this time. Upper Mustang Trek, Upper Dolpo Trek, Tilicho Lake trekking and nar phu trek are the best treks during this time as they fall in rain-shadow areas.

Winter Season

Winter season is also off-time for trekking in Nepal. The climate is cold and falling of snow in higher elevations are the reasons why people not go trekking in Nepal during this time. You can trek in low altitudes if you are passionate trekker.

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