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Janai Purnima/Raksha Bandhan – The Festival of Sacred Thread

Janai Purnima
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Janai Purnima also known as Raksha Bandhan is the festival of sacred thread that is observed by Nepalese Hindu people in the month of Shrawan/Bhadra/August. This festival is celebrated every year in the fortnight, full moon of August with the great joy and happiness. The males who have gone through bratabanda change the sacred thread with some ritual activities by putting the thread dipping into the holy river or pond. Brahmain priests tie colorful sacred thread around the wrists of the faithful.

On this special day Newar community celebrate as Gunhi Punhi and make a special food called kwati made of nine different beans using various spices which has the significant taste to the dish. For the good health after the rice plantation, it is consumed as the special dish.

The major shiva temples are crowded with the devotees and priests all over the Nepal. According to Hindu mythology, getting dipped in holy Gosainkunda lake in Langtang Region on this day cleans thier mind and soul getting rid of all the sins they have committed till the day.

On this day, the hilly area observe as the Janai Purnima whereas in Terai region and India, it is observed as the Rakhi Festival where sisters tie the colorful threads on the wrists of their brothers and brother offer gifts or cash to their sisters.

The holy thread that tied around the wrist on this day be untied on Laxmi Puja, re-tied on the tails of cows, which signifies the devotion towards holy animal cow and Goddess Laxmi.

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