Janai Purnima 2081 – The Festival of Sacred Thread

Janai Purnima

Janai purnima 2081 is a Hindu festival celebrated by Nepali and Indian people all over the world. This festival falls on the full moon day of shrawan month of Nepali calendar.

Brahmins and Chhetris people celebrate Janai purnima. The terai people celebrate it as Rashya Bandan or rakhi whereas Newar community as Kwati purnima.

Janai Purnima meaning

Janai means sacred thread and purnima means full moon day, so Janai purnima is a festival of wearing janai on the body (male only) on the full moon day of Shrawan month.

About Janai

Janai, the sacred thread consists of 6 cotton threads each having a cultural significance and meaning. This thread is worn by males who have done bratabanda for a year and replaced by another on the Janai purnima date.

Janai is worn diagonally across the left shoulder to the right waist. According to the Hindu mythology, each thread has its own significance and dedicated to the God. Three of the six threads symbolize great Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwor whereas other three symbolizes knowledge, worship and karma.

Why is Janai Purnima celebrated?

It’s simple, it is a cultural festival celebrated annually for the continuity of religious activity. But, it represents the purity and safety. Janai purifies one’s body, soul and mind and brings positivity in life.

In Brahmins and Chetri community, Janai holds a religious significance. Those who have done Bratabanda, it’s a stage of ending the boyhood and starting of manhood.

How Janai Purnima is celebrated?

Janai purnima is celebrated by wearing holy thread on the chest. The Nepalese Hindu men of Brahmin and Chetri change the Janai on this day that has done Bratabanda.

Bratabanda is a ritual ceremony where the boy put on Janai on his chest. This is the symbolic representation of reaching the age of manhood who is ready to do the Hindu ritual activities.

The Brahmin and Chetri men take a holy bath in the morning nearby ponds, rivers and prepare for the changing of janai. Firstly, they visit the nearby Hindu temples for purifying the Janai with a priest who utters mantras and rituals.

Janai Purnima Nepali date 2081

Janai purnima this year falls on Bhadra 12th on the fourth month of Nepali calendar on full moon day. This festival falls a day before the Newari festival Gai Jatra. But, this year Janai purnima and Gai Jatra are on same day.

Places to Visit in Janai Purnima

During the sacred day of Janai purnima, devotees travel different places to celebrate the festival. Gosainkunda is famous holy place to visit during Janai Purnima by trekking.

  • Gosainkunda Lake, Rasuwa District
  • Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu
  • Kumbheshwar, Lalitpur District
  • Manichud, Kathmandu
  • Panchpokhari Lake, Sindupalchowk District
  • Janakpurdham, Janakpur District
  • Dhanush Sagar, Dhanusha District
  • Ganga Sagar, Dhanusha District
  • Dansanghu, Jumla District
  • Trivenidham, Nawalparasi District

Other names of Janai Purnima

Rashya Bandan, Rakhi Day, Kwati Purnima (kwati khane din), Gunhi Punhi, Rishi Tarpani.

The Buddhists observe this day in commemoration of the day the Lord Gautam Buddha defeated the evil power of lust. This episode is well-described in the Buddhist scripture ‘Lalitbistar’. A special fair takes place at Swayambhunath of Kathmandu today for this reason.

What’s the Next Festival

Rakshya Bandan

After wearing the Janai on body, the respectful person ties a sacred thread on the wrist which is known as Rakshya Bandan. The Hindu people of Terai and Inner Terai and the Indians celebrate this festival with great feast.

Rakshya Bandhan Mantra in Roman

“Yena baddho Balee raajaa daanavendro mahaabalah
tena twaamavi badhnaami rakshe maa chala maa chala”

Rakshya Bandhan Mantra in Sanskrit

“एन बद्धु बलि राजा दानबिन्द्रो महावल
तेन त्वं बध नामी रक्षे मा चल मा चल”

Rakhi Day – A Special Bond Between Sisters and Brothers

Rakhi is a special thread that is worn on the wrist offered by the sisters to brothers. Putting rakhi on the wrist is popular in Terai and India.

Kwati Khane Din

Kwati is actually a newari word meaning kwa (hot) and ti(soup). Kwati is made by the mixture of 9 grew beans and cooked well as a dellicacy on the Kwati punhi.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Janai Purnima Festival?

Janai Purnima is the monsoon festival that falls on Shrawan/Bhadra month of Nepali calendar whereas in August of the Georgian calendar.

How Janai Purnima Festival is celebrated?

Janai purnima festival is celebrated for one day. During the festival celebration, people take a holy bath in nearby pond, river or holy sites, perform puja in the temple for purity, wear janai around their chest and tie a sacred cotton thread around their wrist. They enjoy a delicious food after the festival together with relatives.

Who celebrate Janai Purnima Festival?

The Hindu people across the world celebrate this festival. This festival is popular in Nepal and India.

What are other names of Janai Purnima 2081?

On this day people also observe Kwati Khane Din or Gunhi Punhi, Raksha Bandhan and Rakhi Day.

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