Kalinchowk Travel Guide 2024

Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple

When is the best time to visit Kalinchowk for snow? Every adventure traveler have this question on their mind. Actually, visiting to Kalinchowk is frequent all the time in a year but during the winter season, it gets crowded. Kalinchowk travel guide will be helpful to you for planning your holiday to kuri village.

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Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple

Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple

Kalinchowk is a popular place for day hiking and pilgrimage tour as there lies Kalichowk Bhagwati shrine. Nowadays it is popular among the youths for a day out and snow activity.


Kathmandu to Charikot distance = 133kms
Charikot to Kuri distance = 18km uphill (Off Road)
Kuri to Kalinchowk Temple distance = 2 Hours hike or 10 Minutes Cablecar

Kalinchowk Weather 2024

Kalinchowk Weather on January 1st 24
Its -1 °C on 11:00 AM Tuesday, January 1st 2024 at Kalinchowk Kuri Village.

High Temperature: 2°C

Low Temperature: -6°C

How to Go Kalinchowk?

Kalinchowk Tour by Jeep

For Kalinchowk trip, you need to drive 6 hour from Kathmandu via kuri bazaar and charikot followed by a 5 kilometers long hike to Kalinchowk hill. From the top, you will have spectacular views of Mountains like Ganesh Himal, Shisha Pangma, Langtang and Gauri Shankar along with temple Kalinchowk Bhagwati.

You can take a local bus to Charikot from Old Buspark or reserve a jeep if you want luxury trip. It costs NRs 330 from Old Buspark to Charikot on Bus and NRs 500 on Jeep. The Bus from Old Bus Park departs at 7:30 in the morning.

From charikot Bazaar, you need to take another Bus to get to Kuri village, the base camp of Kalinchowk.

Kalinchowk Map/Where is Kalinchowk?

Kalinchowk lies at an altitude of 3700 meters above sea level making it perfect place for snow fun during the snowfall season.

Best Time to Visit Kalinchowk 2024

If you are planning to go Kalinchowk, consider the months from October to February. These are the best months for beautiful sunrise, clear views, and festival time. As Kalinchowk lies near to Kathmandu, you can plan any time in between these months.

Kalinchowk hotels

Hotels in Kalinchowk

There are plenty of hotels and restaurant for lodging and fooding. Most of the hotels are situated at the beautiful Kuri village, the base camp to Kalinchowk Bhagwati Shrine. There are above 40 hotels operating in kuri village. In general it cost NRs 1000 for Campfire, lodging, dinner and breakfast. You need to book earlier in main seasons from September to May. You can book a hotel room by Phone and email.

Some of the popular hotels kuri village are Kalinchowk Country Vilage Hotel, Hotel Fireside Kalinchowk, Charikot Panorama Resort, Hotel Sajina and Guest House, Sangam Hotel and Lodge, Hotel Paradise Charikot and Kalinchowk Kasturi Lodge.

Kalinchowk snowfall Time 2024

Kalinchowk in Winter

The snowfall time is generally in between December to February. But it depends upon the weather at Kalinchowk. If it will be raining in winter season, then it is sure to snowfall. So, be prepared and get ready for snow play. Get ready for winter chill, making a snowman and playing by snowballs.

Kalinchwok Snowfall 2024

Is is snowing in Kalinchowk?
Yes, it is snowing in Kalinchowk. From last week of the December to mid of January, it is best time to visit Kalinchowk for snow activities. Enjoy your time with snowball and snowman. Like the previous year, this year also Kalinchowk Kuri village received snowfall.

Kalinchowk Cable Car

Kalinchowk Cable Car

Kalinchowk Cable Car is the third cable car service in Nepal after Manakamana and Chandragiri. There are four gondolas which carries 10 persons (upto 800kg) at a time.

Kalinchowk Cable Car Ticket Price List

Nepali Adult500 Nrs
Foreigner1000 Nrs
Student375 Nrs (25 % Off)
Disable375 Nrs (25 % Off)
Elderly375 Nrs (25 % Off)
Child Below 3 YearsFree

Kalinchowk Cable Car Operation Time /Contact

Kalinchowk cable car operation time is between 7 AM – 4 PM in the winter season (Mangsir-Poush-Magh) whereas 6 AM – 5 PM in rest of the months.

Contact No – 01-4113710 (Kathmandu), 049 – 421357 (Charikot)

Kalinchowk Trekking Tour Package

2 Night 3 Days Itinerary

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Kuri via Charikot

Day 02: Trek to Kalinchowk Peak, back to Charikot. You have the option for Cable Car ride to Kalinchowk.

Day 03: Drive from Charikot to Kathmandu.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will snowfall in Kalinchowk?

Generally, snowfall time in Kalinchowk is from December to January. When it is raining in winter, you can plan to visit to Kalinchowk. Usually, with the decrease of temperature, snow starts to fall.

How far is Kalinchowk from Kathmandu?

The distance between Kathmandu and Charikot, headquater of Dolakha district is about 132 kilometers. Kalinchowk temple is about 18 kilometers from Charikot.

What is the altitude of Kalinchowk?

Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple/Shrine is at an altitude of 3842m from sea level.

How far is dolakha from Kathmandu?

The distance between Kathmandu and Dolakha District is 70 km. The road distance is 148.8 km.

When is the best time to go Kalinchowk?

The best time to go Kalinchowk is from September to November and March to May. But, if you like to play with snow, you can go from Demceber to January. Please consult us for the snowfall time in kalinchowk.

Do I need to book in advance to visit Kalinchowk Bhagwati Shrine?

For the gurrantee of the spot, you can book ahead of time to visit Kalinchowk. Generally, hotels are full packed during the winter snowfall time in Kuri.

What hotels are near Kalinchowk Bhagwati Shrine?

There are many hotels in charikot for the accommodation. You can see the lists of hotels above.

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