Kushe Aunsi

Kushe Aunsi also known as Gokarna Aunsi or Pitri aunsi or Buwa ko Mukh Herne Din or Nepalese father’s day is a Hindu festival celebrated to honor the father.

The festival falls on every new moon day of the Hindu month of Bhadra.

The kushe aunsi is derived from the word Kush means a holy plant in Hindu culture and tradition. On this day, people bring new Kush plant into their home which is the symbol of Lord Bishnu.

The festival is commonly celebrated as Buwako Mukh Herne Din which means the day dedicated for fathers. In Nepali culture and tradition, children worship their father with the sweets, delicacies and gifts to honor the sacrifice of father.

The festival is also celebrated as Gokarna Aunsi where devotees worship the cow-eared incarnation of Lord Shiva also known as Gokarneswor Mahadev. Devotees take a holy bath at river and go pilgrimage to Gokarneswor Mahadev temple.

The day is also celebrated as the Pitri Aunsi. Pitris are the spirits of the departed ancestors in Hindu tradition. People perform Shraddha whose father has passed away.

Nepali Hindu people also celebrate the Mata Tirtha Aunsi as the mother’s day in Nepal.

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