Kathmandu Delhi Bus

Kathmandu Delhi Bus

If you are looking to travel for cheapest Kathmandu to Delhi, travel with bus instead of Kathmandu Delhi flight. Delhi to Kathmandu or Kathmandu to Delhi bus is a direct transportation service to make easier way to travel Nepal and India through roadways.

In order to increase the trade relation between Nepal and India, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi announce the lunch of Kathmandu to Delhi direct bus service officially.

Kathmandu to Delhi Bus Ticket Price

Kathmandu Delhi bus will depart three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Kathmandu. Volvo bus is a super deluxe bus with the wifi costing NRs. 4500. Pick one of the travel agency in Kathmandu for Kathmandu Delhi Bus ticket.

Kathmandu to Delhi Bus Route Map

You will be traveling about 1250 km long road trip from Kathmandu to Delhi consisting Kathmandu-Sunauli-Gorakhpur-Lucknow-Kanpur-Firozabad-Agra-Yamuna Express Highway. The bus will take 30 hours to cover these places after departure.

What you need

Passengers of India and Nepal are required to have valid photo identity proof issued by Government authority, the identification will be passport or voter identity card.

Passengers from other than India and Nepal are required to have valid passport and visa for undertaking the journey.

Where to Book/How to Book a Ticket?

You can book ticket from Treks Booking office in Thamel to reserve the seat. or you can email us at [email protected] with the your details for the reservation of seats.

Advance Ticket Booking

Book in advance up to 10 days of the date of journey. 20% of the total fare (please get the details below) with your details and date of travel.

Refund Policy upon Cancellation

Cancellation in less than 24 Hrs. of Scheduled Departure

No Refund

Cancellation between 24 Hrs. and less than 72 Hrs. before Scheduled Departure.

50% refund

Cancellation more than 72 Hrs. before the Scheduled Departure.

75% refund


Maximum weight of luggage up to 25 kg is allowed per person for free. Free luggage for children below 12 years will not be allowed except a handbag of small size and weight.

Packing guidelines

We request you not to pack valuable things like cash, jewelry, cameras, business or official documents in your luggage or you may contact our office with the list of these things for safety. Otherwise you can keep all those things with you in your carry bag.

Restricted Luggage

Hazardous things that are prohibited by the law are not allowed to keep with you. The hazardous things like acids, match-boxes, fluids, poisons, inflammable, explosive or compressed gas are strictly prohibited.

Types of Buses and Cost

Kathmandu – Delhi – Kathmandu Delux TATA Suspension A/c Bus Service

Bus SectorDepartureArrivalDuration (Hour)SeatsFare
Kathmandu to Delhi
(Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri)
9:00 AM3:00 PM3043 NRs. 4000
Delhi to Kathmandu
(Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri)
8:30 AM2:30 PM3043NRs. 4000

Kathmandu – Delhi – Kathmandu Deluxe TATA Suspension A/C Bus – Cost NRs 4300 per person

Departure from Kathmandu: 9 AM, Arrival in Delhi: 3 PM next day (approx. 30 hours of traveling) 43 seater bus

Departure from Delhi: 8:30 AM, Arrival in Kathmandu: 2:30 PM (approx. 30 hours of traveling), 43 seater bus

Kathmandu – Delhi – Kathmandu Deluxe TATA A/C Bus – Cost NRs 4000 per person

Departure from Kathmandu: 12 PM, Arrival in Delhi: 6 PM next day (approx. 30 hours of traveling) 35 seater bus

Departure from Delhi: 12 PM, Arrival in Kathmandu: 6 PM (approx. 30 hours of traveling), 35 seater bus

Kathmandu – Delhi – Kathmandu Deluxe Volvo A/C Bus – Cost NRs 4500 per person

Departure from Kathmandu: 10 AM, Arrival in Delhi: 4 PM next day (approx. 30 hours of traveling) 43 seater bus

Departure from Delhi: 10 AM, Arrival in Kathmandu: 4 PM (approx. 30 hours of traveling), 43 seater bus.

Frequently Asked Questions about direct Kathmandu to Delhi Bus Service

From where all buses depart in Kathmandu? Is there any chances to join a group from anywhere in Nepal?

All buses depart from Swayambhunath Bus station and there will be no chances to join the group from anywhere in Nepal.

What are the right time for departure from Kathmandu?

The buses will depart 9 AM, 10 AM and 12 PM noon. Choose any of these right time to join the group.

Which places the Bus to Delhi travel by?

Basically, the bus depart from Swayambhunath, Kathmandu in Nepal, travel via Muglin, Narayanghat, Butwal, Sunauli Border, Gorrakhpur, Faizabad and Firozbad.

Is there daily Kathmandu to Delhi Bus service ?

Super Delux TATA suspension A/c Bus goes 4 days a wee (Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri), Delux TATA A/c Bus goes 3 days a week (Tue, Thur, Sat) and Volvo A/c Bus goes 3 days (Tue, Thur, Sat) in a week.

Where does the Bus stops in Delhi ?

The Bus that departs at 09:00 AM and 12:00 PM stops at Majnu ka Tilla in Delhi. The Bus that departs at 10:00 AM drops at Delhi Gate.

Do we need VISA to Travel ?

Nepali citizen doesn’t require VISA to travel to India but they need to carry valid identity card like citizenship card or passport as per availability. Foreigner who wants to travel to Delhi by Bus via Kathmandu needs a valid passport with valid visa.

What is the total distance (in kilometers) and time cover during traveling?

Kathmandu to Delhi bus will cover 1250 kilometers and take 30 hours to complete the journey.

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