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Nepal Monsoon Season

Nepal Monsoon Season

Nepal has four main tourism seasons for traveling to Nepal, Autumn Season, Winter Season, Spring Season, Summer/Monsoon Season. Trekking in Nepal or traveling Nepal monsoon season can be done in all the months from September to November and from march to may without any hassle and difficulties. But if you are planning for off season trekking during winter and monsoon, you may have some problems during your holidays. Because, during this time, most of trekking companies in Nepal do not recommend you to hike the Himalayas.

Festival During Monsoon Season in Nepal

Nag Panchami 31st Shrawan 2075 (16th August 2018)

Nag Panchami 2018

Nag Panchami is a traditional ritual activity celebrated in Nepal worshiping of snakes by Hindus throughout Nepal, India and all over the world where Hindu live. Generally, this festival falls in the middle of Monsoon season (June/July) and marks the welcoming of other festival. The Hindu people worship serpent or snakes by posting the pictures of Nag in their doorways and offer milk. It is believed that worshiping Nag will protect against snakebites.

Janai Purnima/Rakshya Bandan 10th Bhadra 2075 (26th August 2018)

raksha bandhan 2018

Rakshya Bandan or Janai Purnima is one of the most popular festival in Nepal celebrated by Hindu Community of Nepal and India. It falls on the full moon day of Shrawan (July/August). On this day, Hindu people go nearby sacred pond, lake for the spiritual bathing and ties a sacred thread on the body and hand from priest or eledest person of the family. The festival also celebrated between the Brother and sisters as there will be stronger and longer love and respect between them.

Gai Jatra 11th Bhadra 2075 (27th August 2018)

Gai Jatra 2018

Falling on August/september, Gai jatra is the main festival of Newari community of Kathmandu valley and around the valley. The festival is celebrated with the humor, satire, jokes and happiness among the families, friends and relatives. On this day, Newar community of Kathmandu valley remember the lost member in a family and they join in a procession.

Krishna Janmasthami 17th Bhadra 2075 (2nd September 2018)

Krishna Janmasthami 2018

According to Hinduism, Krishna Janmasthami is the festival celebrated to honor the Lord Krishna on his birth day. The festival is observed on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the month of August/September. This festival is celebrated with the great significance in Nepal and India. The devotees observe the festival by fasting until midnight. They also recite the Bhagavad Gita, sing bhajans and kritans. The temples of krishna are decorated, the statue and poster of krishna are worshipped. This festival is also celebrated in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Fiji and all over the world where Hindus lives.

Hartalika Teej 27th Bhadra 2075 (12th September 2018)

Hartalika Teej 2018
Hartalika Teej is a hindu fasting observed by hindu Women. it is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. Haritalika Teej falls on the third day ofthe first fortnight of the month of Bhadra. The festival continues three days andis celebrated by women in honor of parvati.. At Pasupatinath Temple on september 16 /2015 Photo – Kapil Thapa /Nagarik /Republica

Hartalika Teej, the festival of women is celebrated for three days in Nepal. This is the great festival for Hindu women where they dress up in red sarees, tika, bangles, sing and dance to traditional folk songs, worship Lord Shiva and wish for the good health of their spouse if they are married. Whereas the unmarried pray the god to have good husband. The married women go to their maternal home, have feast, sing, dance and perform ritual puja. During the celebration, women have the feast known as Dar, second day they sit for fasting whole day without drinking a drop of water and third day they perform puja. Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu and nearby Shiva temples are crowded by the devotees.

Constitution Day 3rd Aaswin 2075 (19th September 2018)

Nepal Constitution Day 2018
President Ram Baran Yadav promulgating Nepal’s Constitution after signing the copies of the constitution authenticated by CA Chairman Subas Chandra Nembang during a special function at the Constituent Assembly Hall on Sunday. Photo: Dhruba Ale/ THT

The constitution of Nepal came into effect on september 20, 2015 ie 3rd of Asoj, 2072 replacing the interim constituion of 2007. The day of promulgation of the new constitution is celebrated as the National festival each year.

Indra Jatra 08th Aswin 2075 (24th September 2018)

Indra Jatra 2018
Nepal’s Living Goddess Kumari adjusts her crown inside a chariot during a procession to celebrate Indrajatra festival, celebrated to honor Indra, the King of Heaven and Lord of Rains in Kathmandu. Indra Jatra is the biggest religious street festival held annually in Nepal celebrated by singing, mask dancing, rejoicing and devotees offering prayers along with other rituals hold the eight-day festival celebrated by both Hindus and Buddhists.

After the Gai Jatra celebrated by Newar community, another biggest festival of Kathmandu city, Indra Jatra falls on september. Traditionally also known as Yanha Punhi, this festival is celebrated honoring the Lord of rain, Lord Indra. During the procession, living goddess of Nepal is also worshipped and celbrated as Kumari Jatra. This is a festival of about eight day which takes place in Kathmandu Durbar Square with the group of newar community playing local music.

Note: — Hartalika Teej and Rishi Panchami are observed by females only.
— Ghode Jatra, Gai Jatra and Indra Jatra are observed in Kathmandu valley only mostly by Newar Community.

Is it possible to visit Nepal during the monsoon months from July to September

Monsoon season that starts rightly from July to August is not so much recommended for trekking to high passes and altitude trekking in Nepal because of geographical barrier and during the monsoon season, there are chances of flood, landslide and soil erosion in mountains. But if you have a question in you mind that Is it possible to trek Nepal during the monsoon months from July to August (may extend to mid September)? This is the question often asked by the travelers who are planning to visit Nepal this year and with regard to this question, we say Yes. As not recommended like the other months from September to November and March to May, there are some trekking trails that you may do during the monsoon season.

During the monsoon/summer season, the weather is hot in lower altitude with the high risk of leeches, snakes and other creepy crawlies around the route. The transport to hilly region is not sometime possible due to heavy rainfall causing landslide, flood and soil erosion which blocks the road. The flights are not regular to Everest Region due to weather condition. But you will have some advantages doing trek during the monsoon season is the less flow of tourist on the popular trekking route as compared to the months of Spring and Autumn seasons.

There are some festivals that are interesting during July to august like Janai Purnima that held special at Gosaikunda lakes. Gosaikunda Lake festival (Mela) is held each year in July/August celebrated by Hindu pilgrims believing to Gosainkunda as the sacred lake. During the monsoon season the rain shadow areas like Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpa are highly recommended. The best thing during the monsoon month is taking part in agro tourism in Nepal. The main rice plantation month is during the June-july-august in Nepal as the Nepalese people celebrate Asar 15 (29 June, 2018 this year), the National Rice Plantation Day. The day has the great significance in Nepal for the plantation of rice paddy during the month of Asar in Nepali and you will have opportunity to take part in this day as the great fun and experience of your life time.

Please get in touch with us if you are planning for trekking to Nepal Himalayas or if you need any information regarding the safety measures, travel guide, itineraries and trekking route updates. We will be happy to see you in this season in Nepal. Happy Monsoon Holidays!!!

Things to do in Monsoon in Nepal

Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal during monsoon is not highly recommended by the trekking agencies but there are some areas which receive less rainfall as compared to other regions of Nepal. Upper Mustang, Upper Manang, Nar and Phu Valleys, Dolpo Region are the areas best for trekking during monsoon season. These places lie in trans-Himalayan region and rain-shadow areas. You will be experiencing unique culture and nature, beautiful landscapes and the pristine Himalayas trekking to these areas. Upper Mustang Trek, Nar Phu Valley Trek, Upper Dolpo Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Humla Limi Valley Trek are the best treks during monsoon season in Nepal.

Explore culture and heritage around Kathmandu Valley

If you are non-trekkers and love culture, Kathmandu is the best place for you to explore. The unique culture, arts and architecture, festivals and UNESCO World Heritage Sites are the best of part of Kathmandu sightseeing tour.

Hiking or Biking

Not interested for trekking long days? or love mount biking in Himalayas, Nepal offers the best places for you enjoy culture and nature. Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Namobuddha, Kakani, Phulchoki, Daman, Dhampus, Sarangkot, Bandipur and Tansen Palpa are the best places for hiking in Nepal. If you love Mountain biking, you can bike to Upper Mustang, Annapurna Circuit and around Kathmandu Valley.

Experience the adventure

Besides trekking and mountaineering, Nepal offers some other interesting adventure holidays that you really feel awesome. Paragliding in Pokhara and Kathmandu, Bungee Jumping in Kathmandu and Pokhara, Zip Flying, Canoeing and Jungle safari in Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park and Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve are the best activities for you to experience during Monsoon Season.

The Nature, Culture and Mountains

In monsoon season, every day is not raining. Rains are generally seen in the afternoon while in the morning and day time receive less rain or no rain. If you are lucky, you will encounter the most beautiful nature and mountain views after rainfall stops. Don’t forget to capture the moment on your camera as the part of lifetime experience. The green nature with the lush vegetations, blooming flowers and unique organic agricultural cultivation are the best part of your visit to Nepal during monsoon season. You will be exploring unique festival and cultural activities in Kathmandu and Pokhara during the monsoon months as Naag Panchami, Janai Purnima, Bhote Jatra, Teej, Gai Jatra and Krishna Asthami are few of them.

Rice Paddy Planting Festival

Asar 15, popular known as asar pandra in Nepali is the day of busiest day for the farmers all over the Nepal. The day activities people engage by planting rice paddy, eating a special dish – dahi chiura, singing asar bhaka, dancing and playing with mud and water.

In Nepal, Asar 15 is a biggest agricultural festival of planting rice paddy in the fields and celebrated by eating beaten rice and curd. The ropain festival is celebrated all over the Nepal. In Kathmandu valley, Kirtipur, Chapagaon, bungmati, Pharping, Sanogaon, Lele, Bhaktapur and Harisiddhi are the places to visit to see rice planing festival.

Farmers will be busy on their fields for planting the rice paddy. People who want to enjoy mud and water will have the opportunity to play holi of mud and water, throwing each other.

Asar Pandhara is the popular date on Nepali calender on the third month and marks the beginning of the great monsoon in Nepal. The day is popular for paddy planting. Nepal government has declared this day as National Paddy Day.

Monsoon in Nepal FAQs

When is the Monsoon Season in Nepal?

Monsoon season generally starts from mid of the June and continues to July and August. But nowadays, due to the climatic changes, rain may delay during the very beginning of the months June and July. Sometimes, it may occur with the light rains that lasts all the day or heavy downpours that last in a couple of hours.

The weather changes according to the rain in Nepal. Usually Kathmandu receives frequent monsoon rain with the climate down up to 13-15 while it may be hot and humid in terai regions like Lumbini and Chitwan. Pokhara is another city that gets frequent rainfall during monsoon.

In mountain area, rainfall will be consistent depending on altitudes. The views are excellent just after the monsoon stops with the clear skies in mountain area. But, it is difficult to predict the weather condition of Nepal during monsoon.

Get yourself ready for the safety measures if you are traveling to Nepal or trekking to Himalayas.

How to take care when traveling in Nepal in monsoon season?

Carry the rainproof gears
Trek with a guide
Communication with the locals
Bring waterproof bags
Be patient and listen to your guide

These are some safety measures that you must be aware yourself.

What is the Climate like in Monsoon in Nepal?

Rainfall occurs in Nepal when the monsoon wind blows high from the Bay of Bengal. Monsoon wind is the cause of monsoon climate in Nepal.

What it’s like to travel during monsoon in Nepal?

Traveling in a Bus

Use the recommended tourist buses/private car instead of local buses. If you are traveling to Chitwan or Pokhara, make sure about the obstacles of the road or consult your travel and trekking agency. Sometimes, the roads may swept away or get stuck due to landslide on the route to these places. Travel in day time, taking a bus in night time is not highly advised as monsoon rains may be high during the nights and road may get stacked.

Flights during monsoon season

The flights are often cancelled or delayed during the monsoon season in Nepal. Always try to get a fist flight. Stay in communication with the airlines or your travel agency to get the proper information of your flight schedule.

Accommodation during monsoon season

Stay in a good hotels, home-stays and tea houses during your traveling in Nepal in monsoon season.

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