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Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple (Accommodation, Weather, Transportation and Things to do)

Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple

Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple Kalinchowk is a popular place for day hiking and pilgrimage tour as there lies Kalichowk Bhagwati shrine. Nowadays it is popular among the youths for a day out and snow activity. Kalinchowk Weather Kalinchowk Weather on January 1st 2019 Its -1 °C …

Nepali New Year – Happy New Year 2076

Nepali New Year

According to Nepali Calender, Nepal Sambat (Bikram Sambat), Baisakh 1st is the New year and called as Naya Barsha or Navabarsha. Nepali people have their own calendar system and the first day of the year has the official holiday for celebrating the new year. Generally, …