Nepali Tourism and SEO in Nepal

Nepali Tourism and SEO in Nepal

Having a travel and trekking business but not having a website means you are not getting business as your plan. Nepali tourism and seo in Nepal cannot be apart for your goal to achieve.

The tourism business is based on the websites and online marketing these days as the trekkers search the keywords on the search engines for the travel services.

If you are not updating your travel and trekking services in your website means you are losing your business. Online marketing of the website help your business website getting ranked on the search engines and eventually, you get the inquiries from the clients throughout the world.

SEO for Travel Business in Nepal

Seo is the process of optimizing your business website to increase the visibility in search engines and traffic.

Seo helps your website to get higher rankings, increase organic website traffic, increase brand and trust, convert visitors to clients and increase sales.

SEO Tips for Travel Business in Nepal

Seo helps in the growth of the travel and tourism industry but you need to follow some tips for increasing traffic and customers.

Here are some lists of seo tips how you can start

Tell Your Stories

Telling your success stories or expressing a story is always the best way for branding your products and services. You can influence your targeted visitors with the creative and powerful storytelling. Tell your customers what you are doing and going to do in future with the creative and powerful stories.

Use social media most

Using social media is the best way to share your service contents to your clients and people who are not connected with you. Updating social media profiles will inspire people to travel and use your services. You can also run ad campaigns to reach more people and convert them for your business.


Building a trust from your clients is the most for brand development. Placing a review section on your website is the genuine way for building a trust. You can also use the social media for reviews.

Powerful Call to Action button

After reading your stories or services, your clients might be looking for contacting you. If your website is missing a powerful call to action button, client may skip to next website so it is the most important thing to consider.

Mobile-friendly Site

User friendly mobile version site is needed these days for more user experience. 

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